Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to everything related to the purchase and sale and use of the websites, including but not limited to quotations, order confirmations, sales and deliveries of Zeitaku Art products and services unless explicitly stated otherwise in a written agreement.

Article 1. Definitions

Buyer/consumer: the natural or legal person with whom Zeitaku Art enters into an agreement to provide products and/or services by Zeitaku Art. The visit to the website is seen as a free service from Zeitaku Art to the buyer.

Agreement: the agreement between Zeitaku Art and buyer/consumer

Supplier: the natural or legal person with whom Zeitaku Art enters into an agreement to supply products and/or services to Zeitaku Art. Below are included but not limited artists, their representatives, intermediaries and/or distributors. Zeitaku Art is a trade name of Rulywaka.

Article 2. Applicability

By using this website and/or accepting a purchase of Zeitaku Art you declare to be aware of and agree to these delivery terms.

Article 3. Offer and acceptance

All offers, offers, quotes and similar notices (hereinafter referred to as quotations) by Zeitaku Art are, unless expressly agreed otherwise, in principle completely non-binding. If different prices mentioned on other websites are correct, the price mentioned on the Zeitaku Art websites is the correct one. All information on our websites is subject to reservation and can be adjusted by Zeitaku Art if it turns out that it is not true or that one can expect that it is not true, the customer cannot derive any rights from this. Declared sizes can and may differ. Colors always vary! It is impossible to display the colors digitally correct. Frames are only available in combination with an art. Zeitaku Art has the right not to supply a product offered on its website if it appears that during the ordering of this product by buyer the buyer the other way, the product in question has been sold by other way, it appears to be damaged, photo art when printing is not expected or lost if it cannot be found out of force majeure. Any payment made by the buyer is not immediately returned by Zeitaku Art.

A composite quotation does not require Zeitaku Art to perform part of the contract at a corresponding part of the price stated. Offers or offers are in principle one-off and do not automatically apply to future contracts.

A discount granted based on a combined delivery expires if part of the delivery is returned. See also Exchanges - Returns

Article 4. Modification and cancellation

An order by buyer is deemed to have been cancelled if it has not been paid within 8 days. Cancellation of contracts for the provision of services with an indefinite duration can only be terminated in writing, both by the buyer and by Zeitaku Art, provided that the order is already in production and/or has already been dispatched. Changes in the order do not give rise to the charge of a lower amount than has been agreed.

Changes in a contract already awarded may result in the target date initially agreed for delivery being exceeded.

However, Zeitaku Art will cooperate within the reasonable limits of these changes if the content of the performance to be performed by it does not deviate substantially from the performance originally agreed and the order has not yet been dispatched.

Incorrect data

If the buyer fills out incorrect information during the ordering process, the return will be sent (and any damage) on the account of the customer. If the photo-art is not required at the time, Zeitaku Art will refund the return amount with deduction of the costs incurred and shipping costs (€90,-).

Track & Trace

If the buyer has received a track & trace code from the item shipped and the buyer is not at home, the article will be returned automatically to Zeitaku Art. If the buyer wishes to receive the order, the shipping costs (depending on size and residence) are for the buyer. If the buyer no longer wishes to receive the order, Zeitaku Art €90,- must deduct from the return amount for the costs incurred.

Rejection of delivery

When a delivery at the door is refused by the buyer, €90,- is deducted from the amount to be refunded by Zeitaku Art.

Article 5. Implementation of an agreement

Zeitaku Art will perform the agreement in accordance with the best understanding and ability and with the requirements of good craftsmanship. If and to the extent required by a proper execution of the agreement, Zeitaku Art has the right to have certain activities carried out by third parties.

The buyer shall ensure that all information, of which Zeitaku Art indicates that it is necessary or which the buyer should reasonably understand that it is necessary for the performance of the contract, is provided to Zeitaku Art in good time. If the information required for the execution of the contract has not been provided to Zeitaku Art in good time, Zeitaku Art has the right to suspend the execution of the contract and/or to charge the buyer the additional costs resulting from the delay at the usual rates. Zeitaku Art is entitled to carry out deliveries in parts. Changes in the original contract, of any kind, written or oral, by or on behalf of the buyer, which cause higher costs than could be expected by price and/or order confirmation, shall be charged to the buyer.

Article 6. Duration and termination

The delivery period starts as soon as the order confirmation has been sent and in addition all the information required by Zeitaku Art in the opinion of the buyer has been provided by the buyer. Overstepping the delivery time does not release the buyer from his/her obligations under the contract and will not give the buyer the right to claim termination of the contract and/or damages. Zeitaku Art has the right to terminate the contract without notice or judicial intervention if the buyer does not comply with the contract concluded with Zeitaku Art in due form or incompletely with the contract concluded with Zeitaku Art, including the corresponding delivery conditions. Zeitaku Art has the right to terminate the contract without notice or judicial intervention, if the buyer has been declared bankrupt, has applied for suspension of payment or otherwise has lost the free management of his/her assets.

Article 7. Delivery and delivery time

A notice given by Zeitaku Art shall not, unless it is stated in writing and expressly that it is a deadline, be an indicative term. Zeitaku Art shall, even at an agreed deadline, be in default only after the buyer has failed to notify it by registered mail in writing. The buyer is obliged to do, when implementing the agreement by Zeitaku Art, what is reasonably necessary or desirable to allow a timely delivery by Zeitaku Art, In case of non-compliance by the buyer with the rights provided in the previous paragraph of this article, an agreed term of delivery is no longer binding and the buyer is in default without the need of written notice by Zeitaku Art. Zeitaku Art shall then refuse the shipment, without prejudice to the rights conferred upon it under the law, shall suspend the fulfilment of the agreement until the buyer has recovered this failure. Then Zeitaku Art shall carry out the agreement within a reasonable period. The said amounts for dispatch are always insurance. If the buyer finds the shipment, then the shipment shall refuse the shipment shall be liable to the buyer any amount of the contract within the period of the period of time it has been paid.

Article 8. Force majeure

Failures in the company due to force majeure, (if any: Printer malfunctions, mobilization, disturbances, flooding, closed shipping and other obstructions in transport, stagnation or discontinuation of supplies by public utilities or other energy or data communications companies, the occurrence of previously unknown viruses, lack of fuel, fire, machine break and other accidents, strikes, exclusions, actions of workers' organisations, which render production impossible, measures of government, non-supply of necessary materials and semi-finished products to Zeitaku Art by third parties, the supply of products to Zeitaku Art by suppliers not entitled to do so, and other unforeseen circumstances which disturb normal operation and render the execution of a contract difficult or reasonably impossible) will relieve Zeitaku Art of compliance with the agreed term or the execution obligation, without the buyer from which the right or compensation of costs, harm or interest may arise.

In case of force majeure Zeitaku Art will immediately inform the buyer.

Article 9. Prices, rates, costs

All inclusive prices are exclusive of any costs of (insured) transport costs and other taxes imposed by the government and including VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise. The price stated by Zeitaku Art for the product or the performance to be performed by it applies only to that product or the performance in accordance with the agreed specifications.

All costs necessary for the performance of the contract and specifically incurred by Zeitaku Art in the context of the contract are charged separately in addition to the agreed price. Zeitaku Art is entitled to increase the agreed price when one or more of the following circumstances arise after the conclusion of the contract: increase in the cost of services required for the execution of the contract, introduction of new and increase of existing government taxes on products and services, a significant change in currency relations or, in general, conditions comparable to that of the contract.

Article 10. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all deliveries must be paid in advance per bank. If the purchase of 2 pieces or more is made, the payment will have to be made in advance at all times. If the payment is not made in time, Zeitaku Art reserves the right to temporarily suspend any current work or services until the amounts due have been received. From the moment the buyer exceeds the payment period, he/she is in default without a notice of default. If the payment period has been exceeded, Zeitaku Art will send a notice of payment. After this, administration costs, i.e. €15.- will be charged to the buyer. If the buyer has not fulfilled his/her obligations within 42 days, the buyer will be charged the legal interest plus out-of-court collection costs on the outstanding invoice amount, calculated according to the Dutch Order of Advocates.

Article 11. Copyright

Suppliers who supply the products to Zeitaku Art retain the copyright where applicable of the works of art, designs, sketches and the like they have been designed or created, hereinafter referred to as "the product'. Buyer is not allowed to modify, repeat or multiply the execution of a product, even if it concerns only part of the product, without the express written consent of the supplier.

Zeitaku Art and the artists who supply the products, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing by contract, the right to repeat the design or parts of the design. Zeitaku Art and the artists who supply the products for promotional purposes have the right to take photos or other images and to reproduce and make them public. The ownership of products supplied by Zeitaku Art and/or its suppliers, ideas, concepts or (test) designs will remain entirely with Zeitaku Art and/or the supplier, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. If the said property is infringed, Zeitaku Art is entitled to establish a self but reasonable remuneration.

In the end Zeitaku Art Today assumes that this information is read by every customer on the website on the Terms of Delivery is copyrighted - If we find abuse, we take immediate legal action against this copyright infringement

Article 12. Complaints and Liability

Zeitaku Art does all that can reasonably be expected of it to establish that the supplier is entitled to deliver the product to Zeitaku Art and Zeitaku Art is entitled to resell the product. This is inclusive but not limited to copyright and/or copy rights. Damage resulting if it appears that the supplier does not have the necessary rights is at all times limited to the amount of purchase that the buyer has actually paid to Zeitaku Art, including any shipping costs. Zeitaku Art expressly rejects any liability.

Art is unique.The buyer is therefore obliged to examine the artwork at the time of the sale for visible defects.The buyer should examine whether the quality and quantity of the work of art corresponds to what has been agreed, at least in accordance with the requirements that apply to it in normal (trade) traffic.The risk of loss or damage of the product passes to the buyer at the time when it is delivered to the buyer legally and/or factually and thus is placed in the power of the buyer or of a third party to be designated by the buyer.The buyer after delivery for 7 calendar days has the opportunity to report in writing clearly defined defects to the delivered products to Zeitaku Art, provided that the film has not yet been removed and the hanging plates to the dibond art are not yet confirmed, Zeitaku Art will try to remedy these defects, genuine damage caused by transportation should be reported immediately after receipt.If no defects are reported to Zeitaku Art within the said period, any possibility of advertising will be lost. By the buyer that false information provided by the supplier is not expressly understood by the defect in the article.

Zeitaku Art's liability under any agreed delivery is always limited to the amount of the contract. Even if there is any follow-up damage or damage from third parties. Zeitaku Art is allowed to perform good work within reasonable time for defective work. Zeitaku Art is not liable for the consequences of errors in commission, information or materials provided by the buyer. If Zeitaku Art is liable for any damage to which it is not liable under the contract with the buyer or these terms of delivery, the buyer will fully indemnify Zeitaku Art and will reimburse Zeitaku Art for all that it is required to comply with this third party.

Zeitaku Art is not liable for damage that has occurred after the photo art has been hung. Damage to the photo art should therefore be reported before confirming the photo art. In the case of a dibond photo art, the buyer must report damage before confirming the aluminium pictures. After confirming these pictures, the damage to the photo art can no longer be invoked.

In so far as Zeitaku Art is dependent on the cooperation, services, supplies, guarantees and statements of third parties, on which Zeitaku Art has little or no influence, Zeitaku Art cannot be held liable in any way for any damage arising from these relations with Zeitaku Art or its breaking, regardless of whether this damage arises or becomes apparent during the relationship with Zeitaku Art. In the event of attributable failure in the performance of the contract, Zeitaku Art is liable only for replacement damages up to the invoice amount. Any liability of Zeitaku Art for any other form of damage is excluded, including compensation for indirect damage, consequential damage or damage for loss of turnover or profit. The buyer must take into account that information sent via the Internet can be heard by third parties. Zeitaku Art cannot be held liable for any damage in which form for which loss is due to loss.