Siddhartha Gautama Buddha 0003

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Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on plexiglass 0003

Siddhartha Gautama, known as the Buddha, was a spiritual leader and the founder of Buddhism. Born into a royal family in Lumbini, now located in Nepal, around the 5th or 6th century BC, he first lived in luxury. However, faced with the suffering of the world, he left his palace to live an ascetic life. After years of strict practices and deep meditation, he finally achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. His teachings, including the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, focus on overcoming suffering and achieving Nirvana, a state of ultimate liberation and peace.

The 'Gold-colored Siddhartha Gautama Buddha' artwork on plexiglass is a beautiful ode to the founder of Buddhism. This piece radiates a deep spiritual meaning, with a beautiful gold-colored image of Buddha symbolizing tranquility, wisdom and enlightenment. The artwork, available in four sizes (60x90, 80x120, 100x150, 120x180 cm), is a sophisticated addition to any space, ideal for creating an atmosphere of peace and contemplation. It is an inspiring choice for anyone who wants to bring a piece of timeless spiritual beauty to their environment.

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