Zelkova Serrata Bonsai

Article code Bonsai0012-V4
Zelkova Serrata Bonsai on plexiglass

The leafless "Zelkova Serrata Bonsai" is an intriguing Bonsai where the viewer focuses on the aesthetics of the naked branches and trunk. Without the usual leafy green, this bonsai offers a raw, revealing look at natural wood structures. The trunk and branches are gracefully twisted and form a complex dance of wood lines, which provide a visual spectacle with their golden and cream-colored tones. It is a minimalist, yet distinct and unique expression of bonsai art.

Experience the serene beauty of the 'Zelkova Serrata Bonsai' plexiglass artwork. Celebrating the delicate art of bonsai, Zeitaku art's artwork depicts a beautifully shaped Zelkova Serrata in perfect harmony with nature. The trunk exhibits beautiful, natural wood colors with golden brown and cream tones that are more noticeable due to the absence of leaves. The fine details and rich colors of the wood texture are stunningly displayed in this medium. Choose from four impressive sizes: 60 x 90, 80 x 120, 100 x 150 and 120 x 180 cm. A soothing and aesthetic addition to any room, ideal for lovers of nature, art and Japanese culture. Exclusively available at Zeitaku Art.

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