Ferdinand Pierre Marie Dorothée Guillemardet

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Ferdinand Pierre Marie Dorothée Guillemardet on plexiglass

Experience the refined elegance of the 'Ferdinand Pierre Marie Dorothée Guillemardet' artwork, now on premium plexiglass. This portrait, originally painted by Francisco Goya, shows Guillemardet's depth of character and subtle emotions. The vibrant details and colors are enhanced in this medium, giving the artwork a modern flair. Choose from four impressive sizes: 60 x 90, 80 x 120, 100 x 150 and 120 x 180 cm. A perfect combination of classical art and contemporary presentation, exclusively available at Zeitaku Art.

The portrait "Ferdinand Pierre Marie Dorothée Guillemardet" is a masterpiece by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya, painted in 1798. Guillemardet was the French ambassador to Spain and approached Goya to capture his portrait. With his characteristic skill and attention to detail, Goya portrayed the diplomat with a lively gaze and elegant posture, emphasizing Guillemardet's intelligence and dignity. The background and clothing are kept sober, so that the focus is on the expressive face of the sitter. This work is an example of Goya's ability to capture the essence of his subject.

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