Emperor Go-Daigo

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Emperor Go-Daigo on plexiglass

Emperor Go-Daigo, or in Japanese 後醍醐天皇 (Go-Daigo Tennō), was the 96th Emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession. His reign stretched from 1318 to 1339. He is known for his efforts to restore imperial power and overthrow the shogunate, leading to the tumultuous period in Japanese history known as the Kenmu Restoration.

Discover the majesty of the 'Emperor Go-Daigo' artwork, etched in high-quality plexiglass. This piece captures the essence of the historic struggle and lofty spirit of Japan's 96th Emperor, whose quest for power and influence ushered in an era of political upheaval. Available in four sizes (60x90, 80x120, 100x150, 120x180 cm), the artwork offers a timeless glimpse into Japanese history, perfect for any space longing for a touch of elegance and cultural richness. Add a piece of imperial grandeur to your collection with this refined work of art.

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