Emperor Shirakawa

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Emperor Shirakawa on plexiglass

Emperor Shirakawa was the 72nd Emperor of Japan, reigning from 1073 to 1087. He is known for establishing the system of 'Insei' (monastery government), where he continued to exercise significant political power from a Buddhist monastery after his abdication as a retired emperor. This enabled him to influence his successors and the country's politics, a practice continued by later emperors. His reign and the Insei period that followed marked a major shift in power from the Japanese aristocracy to the emerging samurai class.

The 'Emperor Shirakawa' artwork on plexiglass is a refined ode to the strategic and influential ruler of ancient Japan. This work of art reflects Shirakawa's visionary spirit and his unique form of government, where he held the reins from a monastery. With a palette that expresses the tranquility of monastic life and the complexity of court politics, this piece is available in four sizes (60x90, 80x120, 100x150, 120x180 cm), perfect for any lover of history and Japanese culture. Add this stylish work of art to your collection and bring a piece of imperial elegance into your home.

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