Empress Jitō was the 41st Emperor of Japan, reigning from 686 to 697. She was the widow of Emperor Tenji and the mother of Emperor Monmu. After the death of her husband and the short reign of her uncle, Emperor Kōbun, Jitō ascended the throne. She is known for her effective rule and pushing forward the Taika Reforms, which promoted the centralization of power and the expansion of the imperial system. Under her leadership, Japan saw the further consolidation of imperial power and the development of a more efficient administrative system.

The 'Empress Jitō' plexiglass artwork is a tribute to one of the most influential female figures in Japanese history. This piece captures the elegance and determination of Jitō's reign, with a design that symbolizes her role in strengthening imperial power and promoting political reform. Available in four sizes (60x90, 80x120, 100x150, 120x180 cm), it offers a timeless aesthetic that conveys both the historical significance and personal grace of Empress Jitō. Perfect for those who want to bring a bit of imperial inspiration and historic elegance to their space.

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