Empress Kōken, also known as Empress Shōtoku, was the 46th and 48th monarch of Japan, with two reigns: first as Empress Kōken from 749 to 758 and later as Empress Shōtoku from 764 to 770. She was one of the few women to reign twice ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne. Her governments were characterized by the influence of Buddhist monks, especially Dōkyō, who gained much power during her second term. Her support for Buddhism and her efforts to strengthen the power of the Buddhist clergy were notable aspects of her leadership.

The 'Empress Kōken' artwork on plexiglass honors a unique figure in Japanese history, who ascended the throne twice. This piece reflects her complex reign and the Buddhist influences that shaped her era. Featuring a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and symbolic elements expressing her bond with Buddhism, this artwork is available in four sizes (60x90, 80x120, 100x150, 120x180 cm). It is a perfect addition to any space enriched by a piece of spiritual history and the power of female leadership.

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