Empress Kōgyoku

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Empress Kōgyoku on plexiglass

Empress Kōgyoku, also known as Empress Saimei, was the 35th and 37th Empress of Japan, with two separate reigns. She ruled first as Empress Kōgyoku from 642 to 645 and later, after the death of her brother Emperor Kōtoku, as Empress Saimei from 655 to 661. Her reigns were times of political unrest, marked by the Isshi Incident, a coup that led to her first abdication. She was a central figure during the Asuka period, known for her diplomatic efforts, especially in relations with the Kingdom of Silla in Korea. Her leadership was crucial at a time of significant cultural and political change in Japan.

The 'Empress Kōgyoku' artwork on plexiglass brings the dynamic and turbulent period of the Asuka era to life. This piece reflects the strength and diplomacy of Kōgyoku's dual reigns, with a design that honors her influence and the cultural flourishing of her era. Available in four sizes (60x90, 80x120, 100x150, 120x180 cm), it offers an artistic representation that conveys both the historical impact and personal determination of this remarkable empress. Ideal for collectors who want to integrate a piece of Japan's rich history and feminine power into their interior.

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