Evanescent Elegance

Article code Stilllife010-V4
Evanescent Elegance on plexiglass

'Evanescent Elegance' is a work of art on plexiglass depicting the timeless vanitas theme, brought to you by Zeitaku Art. In this still life, the fragility of life is symbolized by a human skull next to a vase of withering roses. The weathered texture of the vase and the withered leaves in the foreground reinforce the theme of transience. Available in a variety of sizes, this powerful work makes a provocative conversation piece that adds depth and contemplation to any room. A must-have for every art collector who sees beauty in the cycle of life.

'Ephemeral Elegance' by Zeitaku Art is an expressive plexiglass artwork that explores the delicate balance between life and finitude. It depicts a refined contrast of a timeless human skull next to the fragile beauty of withered flowers, offering a powerful reflection on the ephemerality of beauty and life. A stylish addition to any space, available in 60 x 90 cm, 80 x 120 cm, 100 x 150 cm and 120 x 180 cm, this piece embodies a subtle luxury that invites the viewer to introspection.

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