Still life artworks are visual poetry that captures the essence of objects at rest. They often show a collection of objects such as fruit, flowers and utensils, artistically arranged and captured in paintings or photographs. This art form emphasizes the beauty of composition, light, texture and color, and invites the viewer to contemplate the everyday. Still lifes evoke an atmosphere of silence and timelessness and are loved for their ability to make the viewer reflect on the simplicity and sublime of life.

'Gilde Bloei' is a refined still life on plexiglass by Zeitaku Art, showing a bouquet of multicolored flowers in a classically ornamented vase. The warm tones of orange, cream and brown bring a rustic elegance that warms any room. This piece captures the essence of ephemeral beauty, perfect for lovers of both art and nature. Available in sizes 60 x 90, 80 x 120, 100 x 150, and 120 x 180 cm, it offers a customizable option to add luxury and ambiance to any space you desire.

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