Festive Abundance

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Festive Abundance on plexiglass

'Festive Abundance' is a lush still life on plexiglass by Zeitaku Art, which captures the essence of a rich festive table. At its center is a golden brown roast turkey, surrounded by a cornucopia of fruit, bread, and wine, evoking a sense of hospitality and celebration. The vibrant details and warm tones bring any dining space to life and are perfect for those who want to adorn their home with the spirit of abundance and gathering. Available in a variety of sizes, this work of art will make a beautiful addition to any dining table during special occasions or as a permanent work of art.

'Festive Abundance' by Zeitaku Art is a richly detailed plexiglass artwork that captures the warmth and coziness of a family gathering. With a centrally placed, golden roast turkey and an abundance of fresh fruit and wine, this piece is an ode to the joy of eating together. Ranging from a compact 60 x 90 cm to a striking 120 x 180 cm, this work of art is ideal for evoking a sense of belonging in any dining space, inviting new memories to be made around the table.

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