Whisper of Nature

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Whisper of Nature on plexiglass

Still life artworks are a stately celebration of the everyday, captured in rich detail and textures. They portray a carefully arranged selection of objects, often flowers, fruit, and tableware, which together form a layered scene of color and form. This art form offers a meditative look at the beauty of stationary objects, where light and shadow play together to reflect the transience and value of moments of tranquility. Still lifes are timeless in their appeal and offer a window into the subtle richness of still life.

'Whisper of Nature' is a sublime still life on plexiglass by Zeitaku Art, capturing the serene beauty of a flowering branch in a classic vase. The contrasting brown and gold leaves against the soft white blossoms create a harmonious palette, while the dark, textural background adds depth. Perfect for those who want to add a touch of rustic charm to their surroundings. This piece is available in sizes ranging from 60 x 90 cm to 120 x 180 cm, to suit any interior design.

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