Eternal Harvest 001

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Eternal Harvest on plexiglass

The artwork presented illustrates a traditional still life, a genre of painting that portrays everyday objects. In the image you see an abundance of fruit and a glass of red wine, meticulously arranged on a table. Different colors of bunches of grapes, ripe and robust, share the space with juicy peaches and some red apples. These fruits rest on a wooden tray and are surrounded by vineyard foliage and tendrils, which gives a natural and generous impression. Central to the painting is the lighting, which accentuates the contours of the fruit and the wine glass against the gloomy background, thus lending depth and texture. All this radiates an ambiance of luxury and elegance.

Experience the allure of the classical with 'Eternal Harvest', a beautiful still life on plexiglass from Zeitaku Art. This artwork depicts a lush arrangement of fruit and wine, with ripe bunches of grapes, juicy peaches and glossy apples, illuminated against a dark, mysterious background. Ideal for those who want to enrich their space with a touch of art-historical elegance. Available in sizes 60 x 90, 80 x 120, 100 x 150, and 120 x 180 cm, 'Eternal Harvest' offers a timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion.

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